Saturday, December 29, 2012

SNOW STORM 12 - 29 -12

The lightning blog was live, on the ground and drove into the heart of the snow storm on 12 - 29 -12.
We began in Brooklyn NY where we were at the edge of the storm and saw rain and some light snow.
We drove up 95 into the heart of the storm, almost white out conditions, visibility was 10' at the worst parts of the storm  Please know Naomi was recording from the passenger seat and I [the driver] had both hands on the wheel at all times.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow and Lightning 12/26/12

storm approaching.
Fair Lightning @ 01:19

lightning at 00:41 good 12/27/12

lightning at 00:58

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy / Amazing Ray of Light Through Hurricane Clouds

Amazing Ray of Light Through Hurricane Clouds

Day 2 and No Power for Downtown Manhattan

Day 2 and No Power for Downtown Manhattan

Hurricane Sandy Sunrise 10-31-12

Downtown Manhattan has no power! Hurricane Sandy 2012

Hurricane Sandy - on the ground as the hits Brooklyn and

Hurricane Sandy [ by Alan Sondheim ]

Hurricane Sandy -- Sound Recordings and Images [ by Alan Sondheim ]

some audio files - sounds from inside our place from
the skylights; playing nepalese sarangi and sarangi
with the sounds; police radio - note the stranded
cars with water rising, fires, etc.; a few shots from
our excursion out with Gary Wiebke holding the piece
of wallboard that almost killed me, and a tree around
the corner which has split and killed a smaller ginko
next to it as well. The buoy videos fascinate me,
taken from a Brooklyn waterfront pier yesterday as
the storm approached.

Images of Sandy as it Hit NYC and Brooklyn

The Below images were shot in Park Slop Brooklyn, NY by Anya Skwarek

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Downtown Manhattan has been flooded!

IMG 6109 from mark skwarek on Vimeo.

Footage shot by Anya Skwarek in Tribeca, Downtown New York City. They watched as the water crept up the street and then lost power.

Hurricane Sandy Incoming Weather Front - 10-30-12

Hurricane Sandy Incoming Weather Front - 10-30-12

You can see a break in the clouds which is coming toward my position. Behind the rays of sun which are streaming through the clouds is thick rain and very strong winds.

shot by- mark skwarek

Hurricane Sandy Sunset / 10-30-12

Hurricane Sandy Sunset / 10-30-12 This was shot around 5:45 - 6:15 pm in Bushwick NY The colors changed very quickly and only lasted a few minutes and faded to gray. shot by- mark skwarek

Hurricane Sandy going over NYC and Brooklyn

see the rainbow in front of Manhattan at

Monday, October 29, 2012

Google's Crisis Map

Downtown Manhattan has been flooded!!! Exclusive Photo of Flooding

Downtown Manhattan has Flooded in Hurricane Sandy's Path. See the blog's exclusive image.

Shot by blogger Anya Skwarek in Tribeca NYC!

Hurricane Sandy // Lightning over Manhattan... or Transformers?

see it at 00:10
Hurricane Sandy // Lightning over Manhattan

Hurricane Sandy / Dumbo Brooklyn Flooding 10-29-12

 Shot at the Manha Bridge at about 7:00pm. Water from the East River had breached flood barrier under the Manhattan Bridge on the Brooklyn side.

Winds from earlier in the day / Brooklyn

mark on the roof during sandy

Sunday, October 28, 2012

waiting for sandy

 10 / 28 / 12
Night shot of Brooklyn

Panic in Brooklyn as Sandy Approaches

Panic in Brooklyn b4 Hurricane Sandy The Super Market line wrapped around the entire length of the market-
The checkout lines extended down all the produce isles.

pre-Hurricane Sandy -- Brooklyn- 10-28-12- Clouds Visible

10-28-12  pre-Hurricane Sandy -- Brooklyn

Monday, August 27, 2012

The storm that BROKE my camera lens

Storm 8-26-12 -- THE STORM THAT Broke MY CAMERA from mark skwarek on Vimeo.

Storm over Brooklyn NY Storm 8-26-12 coming over NJ and Manhattan into Brooklyn. I have just returned from Copenhagen and have been told no storms took place while i was gone. on the first day back there was a passing thunder storm!! A storm which took my lens... :( The Storm Came in just as i finished this shot and it was down pouring and lightning overhead- I jumped of the roof and my camera hit the edge :( !!!!! I made it out but the lens did not.... but the camera still works!