Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hawaii Mt Maua Kea This was basically amazing- Heighlight of the trip. Naomi and I traveled to the top of Mount Maua Kea. This is the highest point in Hawaii and where most of the world's cutting edge telescopes can be found. I've been a huge fan of sunsets for a long long time and this ranked as on of the very best. For the last 2 days a storm had been hitting the Hilo, east side of the island. It always looked like it would spill over the Kona side but it would just hang at the top of the mountain. We canceled our 1st trip because conditions were supposed to be no visablity due to storm clouds. We went the previous day and had a fantastic sunset above the clouds. I could spend an entire vacation here. It was very cold and the air was thin. We also saw and shot great stars here. They say the view is great during the day as well. I would seriously consider coming back for this in the future. wow final bit of sunset fog rolling in after sunset more fog drive down - the drive down was actually scarier than the drive up- It was sort of like a thrill ride. Driving down in the low vidsiblity dark really made me think about renting a 4wd and doing it our selves in a future vacation. It was pitch black and we were basically driving through clouds. This reduced the visabilty to about 15 feet.

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